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Green Flame features in the Stock Journal

On March 3, 2014, in News, by CCarbon

CleanCarbon’s Green Flame has featured in Australia’s premier publication for the rural sector, the Stock Journal. The news article, which appeared in print and online, covers the unveiling of the Green Flame biochar machine at the recent SANTFA conference, and the success of Clean Carbon’s recent biochar trials.

Greg Butler

Executive Director Greg Butler, as featured in the article.

The following is a short exerpt from the article. For the full story go to the Stock Journal.

Green Flame drives new hopes

SA FARMERS are set to benefit from a centuries-old process used to help retain nutrients, improve soil structure and increase its water-holding capacity.

At the unveiling of Clean Carbon’s Green Flame biochar machine at the SANTFA annual conference on Friday, executive director Greg Butler said the product could be used to achieve targeted agronomic benefits.

Biochar trials have been run across SA for the past six years, and Mr Butler said they had seen “some excellent” cost benefits.

“Trials have been subcontracted to independent researchers such as Leighton Wilksch on the Yorke Peninsula and SARDI in the Mallee, and have shown some excellent results,” he said.

“We now understand biochar much better than we did a few years ago.” More…


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